Plant doctor

You just have to contact us to avail the services of our PLANT DOCTOR. The person is highly qualified in Agriculture and he can visit your premises and help identify the problems faced by your plants. He will explain in details regarding how to take care of your plants and will also inspect and give proper advice on preventive and curative actions to be taken in future with respect to plant care and growth.

This service is available for just Rs. 250/- per visit.

Swaroop Analytical Laboratory is Company's own in house laboratory. It is equipped with modern and sophisticated laboratory equipments such as Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Gas Chromatographer (G.C.) etc. Highly qualified and professional technicians are carrying out the R and D as well as analysis work. You can get your SOIL, LEAF AND WATER tested in our PLANT LABTM at very reasonable cost of Rs. 350/-, Rs. 350/- and Rs. 150/- respectively. We will also hand over analysis report with advice on corrective measures with our report.