Plant care

Introduction for Plant Care

The only solace in the hectic life of the metropolis, perpetually growing concreter jungle, polluted air and the absolute loneliness in the sea of people is your garden at home!Yes !! After catering the needs of millions of farmers across the country since last 13 years, we at Swaroop Biotech are ready to help fulfill and nourish your Green Thumb! We are proud to present our latest product ECO Home Garden Kit especially produced keeping in view the urban needs and to make gardening a fun, easy and hassle-free hobby.

All the products in this kit are eco friendly, completely organic and are also produce from 100% plant origins. Therefore they create a safe environment in home with pest and children.

We always stand by you with our ECO Home Garden Kit to nourish you’re the Green Thumb. Green Thumb is an attitude which must be cultivated. If we treat our plants with love and care just like our family members & we try and understand their habits, ailments and treat them properly with love, then you can find the green thumb growing on your hand as well Although it is essential to keep following few things in mind while growing a garden at home.


Take the in – house environment, outside climate, light, darkness etc. in consideration while selecting plants. Once your have studied these aspects, go to the nursery and make a list of plants with the help of the experts and experienced people there. Make sure that the plants have been nomenclature as per their scientific names. As once your know them by name, you become friendly with them. This will surely increase your love & affection towards them.You can select from the following for the indoor plants :

  • Aglaonaema
  • Calathia
  • Chlorophaetus
  • Croton
  • Fem
  • Guynoora
  • Palm
  • Scindapesus (Moneyplant)
  • Sedum
  • Maranta
  • Monstera
  • Peveromia
  • Shefleta
  • Ficus Decora (Rubberplant)


If the water is too less then the plants will die of thirst and if there is too much of water then the roots will decay killing the plant. The amount of water should be decided up to on the prevailing weather conditions. It is said that if the top layer of soil is wet then there is no need to water the plants. The Plants should be watered in the morning and in the evening, watering them in the afternoon should be avoided.


Try to avoid using chemical fertilizers as far as possible. Make sure to user organic manure. The reason being even if they are used in excess the plant will not suffer. The products in the ECO Home Garden Kit are totally of organic nature and are completely safe to use at home. Always use them for your beloved plants.


If the plants are put in a congested place, then every week make sure to put them in open pace with plenty of light (not directly in the sun ) for a while. It would be great if you could put them in the morning sun.

Humidity and Cooling

Some plants need constant wetness or humid climate Spray such plants with water 2 to 3 times a day with a spray pump.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

The leaves of the plant should always be kept clean. As they are porous and the plants breath through them. Hence it is essential to wash the plants well with a plant shampoo or spreader like 'I-soap' and water. Use of neem oil based insecticide like 'Neemastra' (2.5 ml/ltr of water) which is part of your Eco Home Garden Kit is advised to protect your plants from diseases caused by the insects and fungus. Use the hand spray pump for this Also for overall growth put the granular fertilizer 'G-5' (25 gm/per pot) in the pot and spray your plants with the plant tonic 'Biogreen' (2.5ml/ltr of water).


While shifting plants from the nursery avoid the noon. The plants do not take this change in this hot period easily. Give some time for the plants to get use to your home. Otherwise the plants brought home with enthusiasm will not be able take the shock and will die and so will your enthusiasm of creating a garden at home.

How to use the contents of this Kit ?

A. Liquids (Neeemastra and Biogreen)


Step 1

Take 1 L water in hand spray bottle (1 L capacity)

Step 2

In measuring cup (provided with this pack) measure 2.5 ml Neemasta and add to bottle.

Step 3

Shake the bottle well to observe milky colour water

Step 4

Now, measure 2.5 ml Biogreen and add to hand spray bottle. Shake well.

Step 5

Spray covering entire plant.

Note – For best results follow above sequence of steps.

Frequency of spray repeat after repeat one week.

B. G-5 Multi Purpose Granules


Step 1

Before applying G-5 granules in pot, remove a thin layer of soil from post soil surface

Step 2

Take approximately measuring cups (provided with this pack) full of G-5 granules (Approx 25 gm)

Step 3

Apply G-5 by scattering near the roots.

Step 4

Replace the removed soil layer

Step 5

Water the pot

Frequency of application repeat aplication after 8 to 15 days.