Company News

Swaroop enters African market
Swaroop products in Uganda

Recently a MOU was signed for distribution of Swaroop products in Uganda.

Distribution Agreement between SWAROOP to COLOTEX

Mr. Sameer Pathare, CEO & MD Swaroop Agrochemical Industries with Mr. Raymond Chan, MD, Colotex Company Ltd, Hongkong seen exchanging Distribution Agreement between SWAROOP to COLOTEX. (Mumbai 4 th Sepetmber, 2008 at Hotel Orchid)

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Activity: Swaroop Agro to support the under privileged children. Swaroop Agro will be distributing note books to students in rural India. The activity has already being kick-started in many remote village schools in the state of more

Swadhan Water Soluble Fertilizers

Swaroop Agrochemical Industries Pvt Ltd has now entered the Water Soluble Fertilisers business by launching its Premier range of SOLVZ Water Soluble Fertilisers under SWADHAN brand. read more

Green Kidz

Green Kidz an innovative green venture by Swaroop Agrochemical Industries under Home Garden Shoppee banner is a Social Initiative which aims towards conducting free Gardening workshops for children. read more

SWAROOP gets PATENT Certification for HumiGel
SWAROOP gets PATENT Certification for G5
Natural Organic Certification Agro Pvt. Ltd.
Launched AEGIS & ERASE

Swaroop Agro Launched AEGIS & ERASE on 22nd Feb 2017 at Kodaikanal


Swaroop Agro Launched PROLIFIC (Pomegranate Special - Enlarge Fruits)

EMERGE ( Bud Breaker & Booster ) & N-Grow Granules (Atmospheric & Soil Nitrogen uptake) on 26th August 2014 at Nashik.

Launched Maxgrow, Potasil & G5 Foliar

Swaroop Agro Launched MAXGROW - based on Fulvic Acid, POTASIL - for Uptake of Potash & Silica and now G5 in Liquid form for Foliar Spray.


Swaroop Agro Launched E-Norm (for Grape Enlargement)

Electro TRIO – G.A. Spray media (for Electrostatic Pumps)

EQUAL – Chelated Trace Element Fertilizer Mixture on 3rd August 2013 at Nashik.

Launched Product Hamper

Swaroop's Home Garden Shoppee
Launched Product Hamper on 7th July 2012

Launched ECO Home Garden Kit

Swaroop's Home Garden Shoppee Launched ECO Home Garden Kit on 6th June 2006 in Mumbai