• What shall I spray if my plant leaves haves have become yellow / yellowish brown and there is no healthy growth?
    The yellowness and lack of healthy growth is due to Micro nutrient deficiencies. These are the hidden hungers of the plants which we have to observe very closely. To overcome these deficiencies, spray SWAFERT -micro nutrient It is professionally formulated mixture of essential 7 trace elements viz - Mg, Zn, Fe, B, Mn, Cu, Mo
  • My Tulsi plant is not growing well?
    Tulsi needs moderate amount of water. Do not water the plant every now and then. It is said that if the upper soil layer in pot is wet then the plant does not need water. Spray plant tonic such as Biogreen / Swa-Urja for plant growth.
  • I can Not protect my Hibiscus (Jaswand) Plant from attack of white fungus like pests / insects?
    These plants are frequently attacked by insects called Mealy Bugs as they are attracted to their sweet odour / taste. Spray the infected plant with Milikil (2 ml /Iitre water) and I-Soap (2 ml/Litre water to overcome this problem.
  • There is very less flowering on my Rose and other ornamental plants in spite of using regular fertilizers?
    Flowering can be enhanced by using flowering stimulants like Nitro Florica ( 2 ml/L itreWater). It contains Nitro benzene-a protein based flowering stimulant. It has to be sprayed on the onset of flowering or when flowering starts.
  • Although I frequently wash my plants with water they lack shine and luster?
    Only washing the plants by water is not enough to bring on luster or shining on the plants. USE I- Soap (2ml/Litre water) a PLANT SHAMPOO along with water. It will not only make your plant shiny but will also kill small insects due to herbal extract present in its composition. I- Soap is a spreader which removes dirt from the plant leaf surface which otherwise chokes the stomata on the leaf.
  • I sow the seed but they do not germinate?
    Some times due to climatic condition or hard nature of seed, germination is affected. Hence it has to be accelerated with the help of ROOTING HORMONS such as Humacid (10 ml for 1 kg seed). It contains Humic Acid (concentrated form of Humas) and rooting hormones which brings about almost 99% germination in any climatic condition.
  • Can I become Dealer of ECO HOME GARDEN KIT?
    You can join hands with us to bring a green revolution at home by becoming Dealer of our Company. only you have to register your name by filling Dealer Registration From and buy minimum of one case (24 units ) each tine you give order. The material will be delivered free of cost to your address within Mumbai city limits.