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Soil Enricher Granules - PATENTED


G-5 contains five different constituents viz Sea Weed Extract, Amino Acids, Neem oil, Humic acid & Anti root rot substances. Because of above five different constitutents, it brings about overall vigorous growth of plant, with more flowers & fruits, protects plant from insects & pests, brings about profuse root growth, prevents root decay & damping Off.

(Dose - 25g / per plant & 500g / per 1000 Sq. ft for lawn)


Amino Acid Based Plant Tonic


Contains sea weed extract, Proteins and Amino acids. It brings about overall plant growth by activiting cell division. It enhances Photosynthesis activity and Chlorophyll content. Thus plants become green and produce more flowers and fruits.

(Dose - 2 ml / Litre water)

Amino Acid based Plant Tonic

Neem Oil Based Biopesticides


Regular sprays of Neemastra will make the insects And pests weak by altering their eating habits. It thus acts as antifeedant And repellant. It can be mixed with other chemical pesticides.

(Dose -2.5ml / Litre water)

Neem Oil Based Biopesticide
Flowering Stimulants

Contains Nitro Benzene 20% w/w. It increases flowering by 30-40%. when sprayed on flowering plants just before flowering or at flowering stage.

(Dose - 2 ml / Litre water)

Flowering Stimulant
Treatment Of Mealy Bugs On Jaswand And Fruit Plants

Effective treatment of Mealy Bugs on Jaswand and other fruit plants.

Contains highly concentrated plant extracts which effectively kill Mealy Bugs as soon as it comes with its contact. It must be used with Plant Shampoo. A preventive spray as soon as Mealy Bugs are spotted is recommended

(Dose -1-2 ml / Litre water +
2-4 ml Plant Shampoo / Litre water

Treatment Of Mealy Bugs On Jaswand And Fruit Plants
Plant Shampoo For Clean And Shiny Plants

Contains Non ionic surfactants and Herbal Extracts.

1) Plant Shampoo has to be mixed with water used for cleaning the plants. The surfactants helps to spread the water on leaf     surface. This effectively cleans dust & dirt on the leaf surface. This also helps in easy opening of stomatas which are otherwise     chocked with dust.

2) Herbal extracts in Plant Shampoo kills various small insects on plant.

3) Plant Shampoo can be mixed with every insecticide / pesticide while spraying.

(Dose - 2 ml / Litre water)

Plant Shampoo For Clean And Shiny Plants
Biopesticide For All Plants

Contains different plant extracts exhibiting insecticide as well as pesticide properties. It is highly effective against various garden pests such as Mites, Alphides, Thrips, Jassids etc.

(Dose -5 ml / Litre water)

Biopesticide For All Plants
Powder, Liquid, Soil Application Micronutrients
- Various micronutrients such as Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, Mo, B etc in the form of Swafert (Liquid), Swafert (Powder), Swafert (Soil Application)

Note - Swafert in all above forms is manufactured as per various statewise specification & as per FCO 1985
Protect your crop for bumper harvest - Swafert is a mixture of essential trace elements Zinc, Ferrous, Boron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Copper, Magnesium. It supplies balanced nutrition to plants through foliar spray. It helps in better utilization of NPK & also takes care of hidden hungers which can not be easily seen through symptoms on the crops. It thus helps the plant to grow with vigour, produce high yield of better quality as well as quantity.

- Swafert (Liquid ) 2.5 ml - 5 ml per Litre water,
                Swafert (Powder ) 2.5 to 5 g per litre water,
                Swafert (Soil ) 10 - 20 kgperacre
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